Reasons to lease:

Lower Payments

Financing the same equipment can cost far more per month. Just think what you can do with the extra cash.

Designed for You

Commercial Leasing offers lease programs for almost any type of business and equipment.

Latest Equipment

Replace or upgrade at the end of your term. You're never burdened with outdated equipment.

Preserve Credit

Commercial Leasing expands your available capital without interfering with your established credit.

Overcome Budget Restrictions

You can't always predict when you'll need equipment. You can obtain what you need now even if it is not budgeted.

Pay as You Profit

Put the equipment to work and pay as it generates revenue.

We Know Your Business

Let's work together to design a lease program for the equipment you need.

For example:

  • Heavy equipment for construction, mining, forestry and energy sectors
  • Office equipment
  • Portable buildings and trailers
  • Water treatment equipment and infrastructure
  • Production, packaging and material handling equipment
  • Grain bins and harvesting equipment>
  • Utility trucks and trailers
  • Machine tools and robotics
  • Banking systems
  • Equipment for retail industry
  • Computer networks and communications systemsli>
  • Medical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment

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