Commercial Mortgages

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Columbia Valley Credit Union Mortgage Features

All of our Commercial Mortgages offer the following features:

  • Prompt Local Approvals - Our mortgages are approved in Golden.

  • CreditMasterTM - One time legal fees elimate future hassles. You can re-advance your mortgage, set-up separate loans, separate mortgages and lines of credit without future legal fees!

  • Pre-Payments - You can make a lump sum pre-payment equal to 20% of the original mortgage amount on the anniversary date without penalty. Making annual pre-payments can save you thousands of dollars! Try our Mortgage Calculator. See the savings!

  • Flexible Payments - You can increase your regular mortgage payment up to 100%. Over the life of your mortgage even a small increase can save thousands of dollars.

  • Interalia Mortgages - You can use one mortgage for two or more properties.

  • Member Rewards - Member Rewards may apply.

  • Comprehensive Statement - All of our mortgages feature a comprehensive monthly statement of ALL your accounts.

  • Cumis Group Mortgage Protection Life Insurance - Protect your business, family and dependents from the unknown.

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