MEMBER LINK® telephone services

Toll Free (Canada / US): 1-844-344-7968

Any time, Any where
Access your accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

MEMBER LINK® telephone service - The Phone Banking system that lets you access your accounts whenever and from wherever you want.


One call, a few numbers pressed, and you've got instant Columbia Valley Credit Union service to:

  • check your balance and entries processed on your account
  • transfer funds within your membership or to another membership
  • receive details about your loans
  • pay or retrieve bill information from up to 20 vendors selected by you from a list of over 650 vendors


Phone banking is quick to setup, secure and simple to access. Just stop by your branch. Bring along your account information on the bills you plan to pay via phone banking, and leave the rest to us. Then all you need is your account number, your personal access code and a touch-tone-phone. It's that easy.


* Don't mistake your telephone number for your customer account number.