Effective April 2012:

All members who have a Columbia Valley C.U. MEMBER CARD® Debit Card will receive a new CHIP enabled MEMBER CARD® Debit Card in the mail. This new card will arrive ready to use and will be pre-pinned using your existing pin number. Please begin using your new chip card immediately. Existing magnetic strip cards will be deactivated in mid 2012.

If you do not receive a chip member card by the end of April please visit the branch to replace your magnetic card.

For more information on CHIP cards visit: Columbia Valley Credit Union CHIP FAQ, Interac

Member Card

The Columbia Valley Credit Union MEMBER CARD® Debit Card allows convenient and secure access to your accounts from ATMs as well as direct debit machines.



  • Direct Payment and ATM access
  • Avoid lineups by doing deposits, withdrawals, mini-statements, balance inquiries and paying bills at our 3 in-branch ATMs
  • Make deposits and withdrawals from your account using The Exchange Network without additional surcharges!  
  • International access to your chequing account via the Plus Network.

Where can you use your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card?

You can use your Columbia Valley Credit Union MEMBER CARD® Debit Card wherever the following symbols are displayed.


INTERAC®: Canada's direct payment network.


ACCULINK®: Access to your Credit Union account at Credit Union ATMs across Canada. Deposits, withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries are available at most locations. Find ATMs


The Exchange Network: The Exchange Network is a full function (deposits, withdrawals, and balance inquiries) national ATM network with 69 members including HSBC, Citibank, Citizens Bank of Canada and various Credit Unions across Western Canada. You will not be charged additional surcharges using the exchange network. Find ATMs


Cirrus is worldwide ATM network offering over 1 million ATMs in 210 countries.


ACCEL/Exchange: Use your Columbia Valley Credit Union debit card to make purchases and, in many cases, get cash back at all major merchants including grocery stores, pharmacies, gasoline stations, home improvement stores and discount chains across the United States.