CreditMaster® Mortgage

CreditMaster® Mortgage

Our CreditMaster® Mortgage is all about helping you achieve your home ownership dreams – without sacrificing all of life's other opportunities. With flexible options and a convenient payment structure, you have the affordability and freedom to live for today and tomorrow by tailoring the mortgage options to fit your personal situation and budget. And, you have peace of mind in knowing that whatever life throws at you, your mortgage will be there to support you.

Enjoy Financial Flexibility And Freedom

The CreditMaster® Mortgage is more than just a great mortgage that saves you money. It also makes borrowing easier and unlocks equity in your home to enable you achieve your immediate and future goals.

Great Features of a CreditMaster® Mortgage:

  • Borrow confidently with the knowledge that you can blend low short-term interest rates with long-term rate stability. Your mortgage can be more secure and easier to manage by segmenting your term(s), rate(s) and length.You can even stagger your maturity dates!
  • Easily manage a number of concurrent loans under one CreditMaster® Mortgage, including lines of credit.
  • Save time with convenient one-time registration and application for multiple credit needs.
  • Avoid paying extra legal fees. Future loans and increases are done in-house.
  • Apply your secured mortgage rate to any type of loan or line of credit to help keep your borrowing affordable.
  • Enjoy financial flexibility by readvancing up to 90% of your home’s current value. In one fast and friendly transaction, you can borrow against your home equity for any purpose.

CreditMaster® Mortgage benefits:

  • Works with your unique situation and budget. Combines the type of mortgage, length of your term(s) and the rate(s) that suit you best today.
  • Offers flexibility with convenient payment options and schedules to maximize your interest savings.
  • Secures your investment with Creditor Insurance (optional).
  • Provides financing options for both conventional and high-ratio borrowers.

Columbia Valley’s CreditMaster® Mortgage has the potential to help you achieve your immediate and future goals – in a manner that’s easy, convenient, safe and flexible.

Renovations, a new car, vacation home, tuition, travel or investments – all your dreams are within your reach.

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